WCWTF Update: Where have we been?

Hey everyone!

Summer can be a hectic time for Killa Greg, Megastar Mark and me. We’ve been busy with a lot of personal stuff, and can’t believe how long its been since we’ve put out anything new.

Sorry for the delay on the new episode. We’ve run into a few snags with our new board and we’re currently working on fixing some audio and doing our best with some issues we’ve had with the last recording.

Don’t forget that you can check our podcast live streams on both our twitch.tv page, as well as out youtube page!

We’ll have a new episode up in the next few days, and we should be back to our regular schedule in the coming weeks.

We thank you all for hanging with us! We’ll be back soon with new stuff!

Until then, don’t forget to check out twitter.com/wcwtfpodcast for tons of awesome daily jokes, pics and discussion!

-“The Man of 1004 Excuses” Tyrell Apologies


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