WCWTF Podcast: Wrestlemania 33 Pre-Show!


We’ve sorted through our computer issues, and we’re back just in time to speculate about Wrestlemania 33! Join us as we go down the card days before WWE’s biggest show of the year! Bets will be made, hearts will be broken, and one man is pulling for a surprise appearance by The Mountie!

It’s Wrestlemania 33: The Phantom Goldberg


WCWTF Year 2 Effie Award Categories!

Tomorrow night we hit the studio to record our Year 2 in Review! From Bash At the Beach 1997 to the Great American Bash 1998!

In preparation, here’s the list of categories we’ll be going over, so you can voice your opinions on what you think is the the best and worst of what we’ve gone through in the last year or WCW!

-Best Match of the Year

-Worst Match of the Year

-MVP of the Year

-LVP of they Year

-Best Wrestler of the Year

-Worst Wrestler of the Year

-WCWTF Podcast Joke of the Year

-WCWTF Moment of the year

-Best PPV of the Year

-Worst PPV of the Year

Keep in mind, though we did cover a few TNA and current WWE events, those are not eligiable for awards, though we will be counting the episodes of Nitro we’ve reviewed! So gear up for WCWTF Year 2 in Review, dropping wherever you get your podcasts soon!


WCWTF Podcast Episode 23: Slamboree 1998!


After some computer issues, your boys in the WCWTF Podcast are back! We’re speeding towards the end of our second year with WCW/nWo Slamboree 1998!

Have we finally stumbled upon the wrestling insanity we’ve been aching for? How many more wins does Goldberg have? Ciclope Yes! Or Ciclope NO! Will Vince McMahon show up in WCW?

Join us through the rollercoaster that is WCW/nWo Slamboree 1998!