About Idiots With Mics

idiotswithmics is a podcast network founded in 2015, starting with the WCWTF Podcast.

The WCWTF Podcast, hosted by Tyrell “The Man of 1004 Names” Dangerous and co-hosted by Killa Greg and Megastar Mark, chronicles and reviews World Championship Wrestling pay-per-views starting with the formation of the NWO at Bash at the Beach 1996, and continuing until WCW’s demise in 2001.

The WCWTF Podcast is memorable for its free form, minimalist editing and irreverent take on one of the biggest booms in the world of wrestling ever.

The idiotswithmics Dream Team Stream is hosted by Ty, and regularly features the worlds most beautiful misanthrope, Faith (@KarlyPilkers) and most of the time, everyone’s favorite host and podcast derailer Killa Greg. The Dream Team Stream focuses less on wrestling and more on pop culture, discussing current events, news and personal hot takes. We also delve into a fun Top 5 every week!

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