WCWTF Special Episode: WWF Summerslam 1998!

WCWTFSummerSlamAfter a slight delay in our episodes, The Man of 1004 Names and Killa Greg are back with special guest Ryan Murray of the Nation of Conversation Podcast!

Join us as take a look at what the competition is doing while we were hanging out in Stugis! What are we missing out on? Did we make a huge mistake covering WCW? How does the future Mrs. Lesnar look?

Find out now!

WCWTF Podcast: Road Wild 1998!


The year is 1998 and we’re back in Sturgis for our second to last WCW/nWo Road Wild!

Last month we had a match with Karl Malone taking on Dennis Rodman. How can World Championship Wrestling possibly compete with such an epic match?! If your immediate answer isn’t “Let’s have Jay Leno in there” then you have NOT been paying attention!

The Sturgis shows have a history of being something special, and not necessarily in a good way. So join us as we rev our engines and crash helicopters in lieu of pyro, its the WCWTF Podcast review of Road Wild 1998!

WCWTF Podcast: Bast at the Beach 1998


We kick of Season 3 of the WCWTF Podcast with quite the doozy of a show!

We’ve got the new WCW World Champion in GOOOOOOLDBERG taking on his toughest oppenent yet! We’ve got the best WCW Cruiserweight Champion in Chris Jericho taking on a soft shoe performance! We’ve got wrestlers and basketball players facing off! What could possibly go wrong?!

It’s WCW/nWo Bash at the Beach 1998, and it’s coming up right…. NOW!

WCWTF Podcast Episode 24: The Great American Bash 1998


This week on the WCWTF Podcast, Killa Greg has gone missing! Can the two man crew of 1004Names and Megastar Mark cover all the action and excitement that is The Great American Bash 1998? I DUNNO!

This roller coaster of a show has almost everything you could ever want! Strange video packages, a 1v1 match for tag titles, and more Mortises than you can shake a stick at! So fire this up as you do you best to get your taxes done, its The Great American Bash 1998!



After some soul searching, and almost 2 years worth of WCW PPVs, we’ve decided to pivot our program away from classic WCW programming to focus on who is truly the pinnacle of our sports entertainment.

The legendary Roman Reigns.

In upcoming episodes, listen to us talk about how the Godlike Roman Reigns isn’t terrible, and its totally cool that he’s essentially a modern day Lex Luger with none of the charisma. How important it is that he’s cousins with The Rock. How great his spear looks, and how we hope that he doesn’t get dropped like the lame duck of a “Top Guy” that he is.

So keep an eye out in the next few days for the BROMAN EMPIRE PODCAST! Your source for all things somehow worse than WCW in 1997.

WCWTF Podcast: Wrestlemania 33 Pre-Show!


We’ve sorted through our computer issues, and we’re back just in time to speculate about Wrestlemania 33! Join us as we go down the card days before WWE’s biggest show of the year! Bets will be made, hearts will be broken, and one man is pulling for a surprise appearance by The Mountie!

It’s Wrestlemania 33: The Phantom Goldberg