WCWTF Episode 20: SuperBrawl VIII

We’re closing out 2016 with our review WCW SuperBrawl VIII! Heels will be turned! Friendships will be forged! Killa Greg will read WWE Slash Fiction! It’s the end of 2016, but 1998 is just beginning! It’s WCW SuperBrawl VIII! Hogan vs Sting 2: Electric Botchaloo!  

WCWTF Christmas: Ring of Glory!

The best holiday specials are played every year. We never get tired of seeing our heroes overcome overwhelming odds. With that in mind, we bring you Ring Of Glory! Remastered and re-edited with a bunch of new sounds, and some shit jokes taken out! Happy holidays everyone!

WCWTF Podcast Episode 19: Souled Out 1998

After a brief TNA stint, we’re back on the main timeline with WCW/nWo Souled Out 1998! Find out what WCW does to top the historic Starrcade 97 as the WCWTF Podcast rolls into 1998!

WCWTF Super Bonus Episode: TNA Slammiversery X!

Apologies to all you MegaStar Mark Fans, but he couldn’t join us this week, so The Man of 1004 Names does his best to show Killa Greg that TNA isn’t complete garbage with TNA Slammiversary X! Is this a good show?┬áHas Greg given up on Jeff Jarret’s promotion after this one? Find out now!