WCWTF Mayhem 2000

There comes a time in every media where you really need to take a look back at what you’ve started and wonder, Why? WCW Mayhem is one of those shows. Join us as we do our best to talk about anything other than WCW Mayhem, as there’s so little to talk about.  

WCWTF: WCW Halloween Havoc 2000

Its funny that one of the worst shows we’ve ever seen is just shy of 20 years old. Here we are, back in Lost Wages for WCW Halloween Havoc 2000! One of the worst shows we’ve ever seen. We battle terrible matches, personal exhaustion, and reminiscing about better days as we talk about this real…

WCWTF Podcast: Fall Brawl 2000

We kick off 2020 with our final countdown to the death of WCW as a company. How could anything go so wrong? This week we watch what is commonly hailed as the last good show WCW ever put on. Let that sink in for a second. A show where we have a Scaffold Match between…

WCWTF Podcast: New Blood Rising!

This week we answer the question “What happens to a wrestling PPV when the entire faction it was based around no longer exists?” The answer is simply “Do a lot of the same stuff you did last show, never bring it up, and hope you get a decent buyrate!” This week we talk Canada, Juggalos,…

WCWTF Bash at the Beach 2000!

We often throw around the word “historic” when we review some of these shows, but today’s episode reviews a show that literally changed the direction of an entire company! Who would have thought that almost 20 years later the world would still be talking about the Graveyard Match between Vampiro and Dale. Also, Russo signs…


This week (month?) we’re releasing our Season 4 Effie Awards! This is a real callback to out first episodes. Mainly because the audio is terrible and the editing is minimal. We do apologize for that. Enjoy! Direct Download

WCWTF Podcast: WCW Great American Bash 2000

We’re ending another season of the WCWTF Podcast with The Great American Bash 2000! Full of all the retirement matches and all the Flair action you could ever want, WCW Great American Bash is certainly one of the shows we’ve watched, and now talked about, possibly to never be spoken about ever again.

WCWTF Podcast: Slamboree 2000!

This time on a very special episode of the WCWTF Podcast the boys tackle some often debated questions. Who has the best powerbomb? How much does a crow cost? Did WCW run out of gimmicks? Few questions get answered and most those answers just bring up more questions as we jump back in time to…

WCWTF Podcast: Ready to Rumble!

Welcome back WCWTFers! We’re back in studio with something of a review of the WCW film Ready to Rumble! As a bonus you’ll hear us talking about Star Wars, Avengers, and so much more! So buckle up, strap in, and get ready for one of the most relaxed episodes we’ve done in a long time….

WCWTF Podcast: Spring Stampede 2000!

The WCWTF Podcast is back with a historic episode. The start of the Russo/Bischoff era! A bevy of tournament matches. A vampire bursting through the ring! A podcast member who watched the wrong show! ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN THIS TIME! It’s Spring Stampede 2000!