WCWTF Podcast Episode 30: Starrcade 1998

Starrcade98It is that time of year again WCWTFers! The grand-daddy of them all is back again with WCW/nWo Starrcade 1998!

It’s been a year since the outright debacle that was Hogan v. Sting, so how do we end the benchmark year that was 1998? Does this redeem all the torture we’ve put ourselves through for the last 2 years? Are story lines going to get wrapped up, and will we move on to better things? Will we have the motivation to continue through 1999?

The answers, and so much more, in WCWTF Podcast’s review of Starrcade 1998!


WCWTF Podcast Episode 29: World War 3 1998


After a bit of a summer break, your boys from the WCWTF Podcast are back with the second to last PPV of 1998, WCW/nWo World War 3 1998! We’re coming to you from Kevin Nash’s back yard as we take a look at the first show that is lovingly known as The Era of Nash!

We attempt to answer the hard questions tonight, such as:
Where is Hulk Hogan?
Why is Hogan not here?
What is a Kaz Hayashi?
If Thunder hits a PPV does anyone watch it?
And more!

So join us for an infamous PPV, and a changing of the book as the WCWTF Podcast reviews WCW World War 3 1998!