WCWTF Podcast: Halloween Havoc 98!

Strap in for one of our longest episodes to date as we pick apart one of WCW’s most infamous shows, Halloween Havoc 1998! There’s a lot to unpack this episode. We’ve got numerous Nitro Girl dance segments, Disco Inferno doing double duty, Sting v Bret, and to top it all off, Hogan v Warrior and…

WCWTF Podcast: Fall Brawl: War Games: 1998

After a bit of a break your boys from the WCWTF Podcast are back with Fall Brawl 1998! Does Scott Steiner finally fight his brother Rick? What does Killa Greg think about discontinued drinks? Can we tear apart Winston-Salem NC? Find out now! Its the WCWTF Podcast review of Fall Brawl: War Games 1998!