WCWTF Podcast Episode 17: WCW World War 3 1997!

It’s the year anniversary for our site,, and we’re celebrating with WORLD WAR 3!

We answer the important questions, like who in WCW would be cast as Ghostbusters? Why is this an important question? Is The Man of 1004 Names actually editing these show?

It’s World War 3 1997!


Podcast update: We’re not dead!

Hey WCWTFers! We’re not dead, we just hit some snags this month, and we do apologize. The Man of 1004 Names Tyrell “Overwhelmed” had a lot on his plate this month, and we will have a new episode out this week, and we will resume regular updates!

Once again, thanks for listening, and in the meantime check out our twitter and facebook @WCWTFPodcast and join in the conversation on!

Thanks for listening, and thanks for the patience!