WCWTF Podcast: Fall Brawl 99!

This week we’re heading back to our beloved city of Winston-Salem to discuss the last pre-Russo WCW PPV, Fall Brawl 1999!

A lot happens a week before this show, and The Man of 1004 Names and Megastar Mark do their best to recap all the insanity!

In addition, we get to find out the WCWTF Podcast’s real feelings toward one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time! Needless to say, they don’t like it.

Did you know that almost every WCWTF Podcast has post credit stings? After the endings, stick around and hear some out of context jokes!

It’s WCWTF Fall Brawl 1999!

One reply on “WCWTF Podcast: Fall Brawl 99!”

The expression is definitely “dull as dishwater”. Although maybe the much grimier ditch-water is a common substitute in Winston-Salem.


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