The WCWTF Season 3 Effie Awards!

It time, once again, for the WCWTF Podcast Effie Awards!

To end our season of Podcasts, we spend some time to reflect what happened the past year of our show, and award some of the best and worst wrestlers, moments and jokes that we’ve made! So tune in to find out what we’ve determined as the best and worst in the past year of our WCW history!


WCWTF EFFIE Award Categories!


Hey everyone! This week we’ll be recording our 3rd annual EFFIE Awards!

As we approach that, we’d love to have our listeners weigh in on what they think was the best and worst of our last WCWTF season! Here are the categories, you’re welcome to add in your own nominations by commenting here, on our TWITTER or our FACEBOOK!

-Match of the year

-Worst match of the year

-The Jericho Award for Best Wrestler (This award doesn’t need to go to him, but is named in his honor)

-The Stevie Ray Award for Worst Wrestler (This award doesn’t need to go to him, but it is named in his shame)
-Your favorite WCWTF Podcast Member
-Podcast joke of the year
-Shining light of the year
-WCWTF Moment of the year

WCWTF Podcast: Great American Bash 1999

Welcome back to the WCWTF Podcast! We’re closing out Season 3 of the WCWTF with The Great American Bash 1999!

This has been one of the most historic and memorable shows that WCW would put in for a long time. Nash vs a Hummer, Sting vs Rick Steiner, The Cat vs Horace Hogan… Okay, I guess they can’t all be winners…

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