WCWTF Podcast Episode 16: Halloween Havoc 1997

Its time to snap into the spookiness with the annual Halloween and Slim Jim themed show, WCW Halloween Havoc! This years show brings thrills, chills, a few tangents, and two of the worst matches we’ve ever seen. With more Stings than you’ll know how to handle, its time for Halloween Havoc 1997!

WCWTF Episode 15: Fall Brawl: War Games: 1997?!?!

Its time to bust our your ring baloney and Malenko Fabuloso for our second War Games! Will Mr. Imperfect Curt Hennig be fit to wrestle after the nWo beats him up/he gets drunk in his dressing room? Find out now!

WCWTF Bonus Episode: WWE Countdown

Take a movie break with 1004 Names, Killa Greg and our special co-host Asa as we review WWE Countdown! Starring: Doop Zooploop, The Demon Kane, and the human wet thumb! Warning: The audio on this show is a bit wonky, we’re working on fixing it for Fall Brawl, but hopefully it shouldn’t be too awful.