WCWTF Superbrawl 9!

Hello everyone! It’s your host the Man of 1004 Names here!

So, I have an apology to make here. The audio in this episode isn’t the best. I made a huge mistake while we were recording, and as much as I’ve done to try and fix it, there’s just not a lot to be done. It was a messed up recording session, and I promise I’ll do better in the future. I almost didn’t publish this because I was really unhappy with the audio.

However, we have some really great commentary in this one. Killa Greg, Megastar Mark and I have some real fun moments here, and if you can get past the rough audio I think this is a really great episode.

So, I apologize to both you our listeners, and the entire crew of the WCWTF Podcast.

However, we have some great stuff this episode! We go through our Mount Rushmore of hate, talk about STDs in wrestling, and so much more! Audio issues aside, this is a dope episode so give it a shot, and maybe turn the volume down a bit…

Sorry again!

-The Man of 1004 Names

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