WCWTF Draftstravaganza!

Its the day after the WWE’s brand extension, but before all that happened, The Man of 1004 Names and Killa Greg did their on brand split draft, let’s see how close they got to the real thing!


If you want to spoil it for yourself, Here’s how our Draft broke down:

Commissioner Killa Greg for Raw

  1. Seth Rollins
  2. Kevin Owens
  3. John Cena
  4. AJ Styles
  5. Enzo & Cass
  6. Cesaro
  7. Bayley
  8. New Day
  9. Bray Wyatt
  10. Sasha Banks
  11. Brock Lesnar
  12. Chris Jericho
  13. Kalisto
  14. America Alpha
  15. Apollo Crews
  16. Randy Orton
  17. The Mechanics
  18. Demon Kane

Commissioner 1004Names for Smackdown

  1. Dean Ambrose
  2. Finna Balor
  3. The Club
  4. The Miz
  5. Rusev
  6. Sami Zayne
  7. Zack Ryder
  8. Paige
  9. The Social Outcasts
  10. Austin Aries
  11. Neville
  12. Samoa Joe

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Faith Joy says:

    Who is Paige supposed to wrestle…besides her own inner demons?
    I’m concerned for the Women’s division. It’s not gonna get any more interesting by splitting the talent pool.


    1. idiotswmics says:

      After today’s news we’ll see if she’s going to be wrestling anyone! 30 Day suspension. Thanks Del Rio…


  2. Faith Winne says:

    Who is Paige supposed to wrestle…besides her own inner demons?
    I’m very concerned for the Women’s division. Splitting the roster will do nothing to make it more interesting.


    1. idiotswmics says:

      Paige has the best of women’s wrestling on RAW. She’s gonna have barn burners with Sasha and anyone who’s not Charlotte. The real question is: what’s in store for Becky Lynch?


      1. Faith Winne says:

        I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed that now that Johnny Wrestling is in the fold his Mrs. will be welcomed into the women’s division…you know ’cause when all 4ft 80lbs of Alexa Bliss is the number 1 contender on Smackdown it’s a sad sorry state of affairs.


      2. idiotswmics says:

        Alexa Bliss rising to the top of the women’s division says 2 things:
        A)Talent means a lot more now
        B) Little people can do stuff again!

        On a side note, I hi-fived Hornswoggle last weekend. It was as sweaty as you would think.


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